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World Association of Triumph Owners Clubs

WATOC Rally Challenge

The aim of the WATOC Rally Challenge is to encourage our Members to visit other rallies in other countries.

The rules are simple: visit some rallies in your home country, some others in other countries and you have fulfilled the challenge.

Everybody is a winner, and can be a bigger winner too.
1. be a member of one of the WATOC Clubs
2: if you visit another rally you meet new nice people
3: every one who completed the challenge will be part of a draw of some nice prices
4: if you drove the most amount of kilometres to the rallies, you will win the challenge.
It is simple as that!

The Challenge is Coordinated by Dan, if you want to know more details about the Challenge please email him.

Of course: for number 3 and 4, have a look at the rules which can be downloaded from the link below. And as always we can not be responsible for any change of the rules or interpretations.

Only selected rallies are in the Challenge: please have a look at the agenda (click here) to know which ones do.

If you really want to compete in the WATOC Rally Challenge, to meet all nice people and be able to win nice prices, then download the Rally Challenge Card (see bottom of this page) and show it at the entrance of the WATOC Rallies you attend.