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The Triumph Owners M.C.C. of Sweden

The Triumph Owners M.C.C. of Sweden

Triumph Owners Motor Cycle Club of Sweden (TOMCC) was founded in 1977 by a group of dedicated enthusiasts. TOMCC is a nation wide one-make club catering for all owners of Triumph Motorcycles. Whether they be Pre-Meriden (up until 1942), Meriden (the Classic Triumph), or Hinckley (the latest range of beauties), all are very welcome. You are invited to join the club even if you for some reason not own a Triumph of your own, but have a genuine interest in Triumph motorcycles.
The club has grown over the years and is today with almost 1500 members one of the largest Triumph clubs in the world.
The club offers several benefits and services to its members. Not least of these being Trajan, the club magazine with four issues every year. Trajan is a magazine for members by members and offers interesting Triumph readings and articles. TOMCC has local representatives in several locations throughout Sweden, to cater for local activities. An insurance has been developed for club members together with insurance company If, and all members can benefit from a low yearly fee and their Classic Triumphs.
Britannia Rally is the club’s biggest event every year. Britannia Rally is hosted by local representatives or clubs and is held in different parts of Sweden every year.

  • ILO: Ulf Frossling

    Ulf Frossling

    Triumph was the coolest bike one could buy when I was a kid. I still remember that Sunday when the family was going somewhere in our old -59 Beatle and two motorcycles pulled up. One was a Triumph with a cool guy behind the bars. There has never been an alternative since. Today I am the proud owner of three Triumph motorcycles. In the garage we also have two more Triumph and one BSA that belongs to my wife. The oldest bike I have is a -68 Bonneville chopper in typical 1970:th style. I have owned it for thirty years and covered parts of Europe riding it. Several bikes has come and gone over the years but the chopper has always been there. I also have -04 Thruxton and a -09 Tiger. I ride the Tiger back and forth to work and for longer trips, the perfect all-round bike! The Thruxton is the perfect bike to go for a spin on the weekends, such a fun bike to ride. This winter it will be upgraded with Öhlins shocks.

    My favorite rally is the Swedish Britannia Rally and I have only missed a few since my first rally back in 1982. Other favorites are the Danish rally as well as some of the local Swedish events.

    Both my wife and I enjoy going on longer trips and we try to do a longer trip abroad every year. In recent years we have been to Italy, Austria and France several times. Next year we hope to be able to combine our road trip with a visit to the German rally.

    Keep Triumphing Ulf