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World Association of Triumph Owners Clubs
The Triumph Owners' Motor Cycle Club

The Triumph Owners' Motor Cycle Club

The club was founded in 1949 by a group of dedicated enthusiasts around South London. This soon grew into a major National One-Make Club catering for all owners of Triumph Motorcycles. Whether they be Pre-Meriden (up until 1942), Meriden (the Classic Era), or Hinckley (the latest range of beauties), all are very welcome.

  • ILO: Vic Oliver

    Vic Oliver

    I bought my first Triumph, a T100R in 1974 then in 75 traded it for a new T140V. Now tour on a new 900 Tiger with an 81 Bonnie, a Bantam and an MT350 Harley for playing out on. Member Yorvik branch of TOMCC for 6 years, runner up in 2018 and winner of WATOC challenge last year Have ridden through most countries in Europe and 14 states of America. Last year attended Triumph rally's in New Zealand, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Holland and the UK.  Ride  and rally all year, done the January Elephant rally in Bavaria a couple of times and the February Dragon rally in Wales a few times.