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World Association of Triumph Owners Clubs

WATOC Rallies

See below for the WATOC Rally Challenge agenda. Some are confirmed, some are in the process of being finalised. Keep a close eye on this site, and on our Facebook page, to find out the latest about the various rallies.

WATOC Rallies 2018

Dates Rally Club
09-11 February National Rally TOMCC-NZ
14-15 April Voorjaarstreffen TOCN
12-13 May Kyrkhult Rally TOMCC-Sweden

A small oldstyle rally with a friendly atmosphere !

18-20 May Welsh International Rally TOMCC-UK
25-27 May Belgium Rally CTF
29 June-01 July Thunderbird Rally TOMCC-UK
29 June-01 July Britannia Rally TOMCC-Norway
06-08 July Sommertreffen TMOC-DE
13-14 July Beezumph TR3OC
13-15 July Rabbit Rally TOMCC-UK
21-22 July Ramkvilla Rally TOMCC-Sweden

A small friendly oldstyle basic rally at side of a lake

27-29 July Albion Rally TOC-DK
03-05 August Bring it Home Rally, also WATOC Rally of the Year!!! TOMCC-UK
10-12 August Britannia Rally TOMCC-Sweden
17-19 August Britannia Rally TOC-DK
14-16 September Ameland treffen TOCN
21-23 September Concorde Rally TOMCC-UK